Très paresseux et ennuyeux - INSTAGRAM: @ISAACFERGUSON

Anonymous asked: You're such a loser

my cares are to low lmao

Anonymous asked: what do you mean when you answered "nope"

I’m not going to say her name to that many people

Anonymous asked: why dont you just admit you arent a virgin, we all know it because of your friends(they have answered it)

hahaha I haven’t doe

Anonymous asked: i cant believe you had sex!

hahaga when

Anonymous asked: what are your favorite subjects in school

art and maths :)

Anonymous asked: Say if you saw some hot girl who was about your age in the city or at the shops or something, would you go up and talk to her?

I’m not one to go up and talk to people I don’t know haha depends on the circumstances

Anonymous asked: what was the girls name who you had a thing with for 8 months? i think i might know her


Anonymous asked: you have so many names i cant keep up holy shit

i was kidding haha my real name is isaac 


*puts snapchat text over area of insecurity* 

unsleeped asked: your new playlist is perfection

thank youuuu :)))

Anonymous asked: i wouldn't have told your followers your middle name if i were you bc now we all have the power to scold you in a mum voice and call you isaac samuel ferguson

if isaac was my real name ha ha ha

this song is called chocolate, but you know what it’s really about

— Matty Healy (via nbhdziam)

my friend put her hand into the waterfall and it looked so beautiful